1121 kainat Basmati Rice (Long Grain)
1121 kainat Basmati Rice (Long Grain)
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1121 kainat Basmati Rice (Long Grain)


crop year 2018
Moisture Content: 13% Max.
Average Grain Length: 7.0 – 7.2 MM
Shriveled & Yellow: 1.0% Max.
Broken Grains: 2% Max.
Chalky Grains: 3% Max.
Contrasting Varieties: 7% Max.
Foreign Grains: 0.1% Max.
Foreign Matter: 0.1% Max.
Paddy Grain: 0.2% Max.
Under-milled & Red-striped: 2% Max.

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   For Export Min 20 to 25 Metric Ton

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  For Pakistan Min 1 Metric Ton

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Minna Pakistan Naturals is owned by farmers who produce most of our grains of 1121 kainat Basmati Rice. The prime reason for our success has been a relentless focus on the quality of our Product.
Pakistan Naturals don’t just sell rice. We give you taste & Satisfaction.
Pakistan rice Offers the most valued variety of Himalayas Super Kernel Basmati Rice is well-known as Rajah of Rice, from the region of Punjab (five rivers).
Old 1121 kainat Basmati Rice, super karnal basmati rice- in the land of Punjab but best for daily use.
Pakistan Basmati’s full flavor and magical aroma make it the most delicious on the versatile rice grain. Made with carefully sourced, natural ingredients,  nutritionally balanced, thus packed with natural goodness.

By DNA testing all our rice and by removing any broken grains. We ensure that every pack of Pakistan rice is as close to perfect as possible. The purity of our basmati means that, so long as you follow a few simple steps, Pakistan Rice always comes out fluffer, fragrant, and light.

Reseal the bag after use to ensure continued quality and freshness.

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